our Distributor

A distributor will oversee a specific area in behave of Us. We will have one distributor for each district. A distributor can create from 2 to maximum 200 sub-distributor. We will send all the product to the distributor and he will distribute to agent by his Sub-distributor.

Distributor will get commission for every prduct they distrubutes. All the school,madrasa,internet company and dish company who we be using our product will be controll by that areas distributor.

Requiments : A distributor must have a office with high speed internet.

Terms and condition will be given in the meeting.

Intertested people can mail us at qrbdltd@gmail.com or contect us at +8801711950829

our Sub Distributor

A sub-distributor will work under a distributor. All the agent of an area will work under a Sub-distributor of that area. He will receive all the product form distributor and delivery it to all the agent. All his commission and bonus will be given to the distributor and he will get it from the distributor. He will get individual commission of his work.

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